LoadBalancer on Onapp - Bug

After some digging about how Onapp LoadBalancer works, there is some points that you need to know.

  1. The solution is not working for Public > Private communication

Explanation: Right now, if you want to have a Public IP on the Loadbalancer and distribute the traffic for the Cluster (Nodes) in Private Network, this will not work. On the Onapp configuration of loadbalancer.org, they only guarantee if you use the same network. Public (LB) > Public (Nodes) or Private (LB) > Private (Nodes).

  1. CentOS 7 Node

Explanation: There is a bug regarding the functionallity of the loadbalancer.org on systemd systems. Only init based OS will work.

The solution for this problem, by their support team, is to run everytime that CentOS 7 Node reboots the following command:

sh /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S99lbconfig

This is something that can be workaround adding that command to /etc/rc.local. This will ensure that each time the server boots, the LoadBalancer will work with this Node.

  1. Graphs Access

Do the fact that loadbalancer.org is a paid solution and Onapp is allowing customers to have with no additional cost (beside the CPU / Memory usage), you will not have access to the admin dashboard of Loadbalancer (:9080/lbadmin/)

This is it! You have all the needed information to start your own loadbalancer without wasting time on this points or question about if it will work or not.


Tiago Reis

Tiago Reis